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Katie & Dan’s Wedding at Hamilton Gardens

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Katie and Dan’s wedding… what a great wedding day!

They live in Palmerston North but chose to marry in the Rose Garden’s at Hamilton Gardens.  As many of their guests and bridal party were not from Hamilton, they were absolutely astounded at the Hamilton Gardens, something we Hamiltonians take very much for granted.

Although there were some cliché shots, for Katie and Dan, these were very different, which was great.  As for the bridal party, Katie’s bridesmaids Melissa and Meredith were stalking me with their cameras.  I have never seen so many pics captured by a pair of bridesmaids, almost more than me, lol.

I was hired all day and night again, cheers for dinner guys, and it was well worth the wait for some very funny gags at the end on the dance floor, thanks to Scott from  Soundz Good Entertainment, he did an awesome job.


wedding photographer hamilton

The wonderful Suzie doing Katie’s make-up

wedding photographer hamilton

wedding photographer hamilton

The boys propping the bar up at The Ibis just before they left for Hamilton Gardens

wedding photographer hamilton

Now… there was some weird photography going on at this wedding and it was not what one2one photography was doing! Katie’s sister Meredith was quite the amateur photographer but she comes from a family of professional wedding photographers, so this was just how it was to be!

wedding photographer hamilton

Love this shot, great angle, great light and captured  just before Katie left for the ceremony

wedding photographer hamilton

I’ve never seen this before, the father of the bride asking for a written receipt for his daughter, haha

wedding photographer hamilton

Dan’s son Leighton did a great job with the rings

wedding photographer hamilton

wedding photographer hamilton

Some things just get lost in translation. All I said was to walk naturally towards me and Katie must have heard push Dan into the hedge, lol

wedding photographer hamilton

Awww, the three girls, Meredith, Katie and Melissa

wedding photographer hamilton

wedding photographer hamilton

Pose it up Leighton

wedding photographer hamilton

wedding photographer hamilton

wedding photographer hamilton

wedding photographer hamilton

Scott the DJ did some great interactive things with the guests before the bridal party arrival

wedding photographer hamilton

Interesting shot, the amount of things that came out from under the dress haha, you needed to be there

Eastside Church Staff Images

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

This morning I visited the hugely energetic staff from the Eastside Church, Hamilton. The shoot was organised by Naomi who we photographed her wedding to Dricus back in December.

The brief was simple, photograph all the staff and let their personalities come through. Well… how about 270 images in 40 minutes, that’s good value for money aye!


I will blog some images soon!

Alison’s Pantry – More Nuts

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

If you have ever walked up the food isle at New World looking for all the nuts and dried foods, it will have come from Prolife Foods here in Hamilton, via their brand, Alison’s Pantry.

I have been photographing ‘their nuts’ for quite sometime now, here is one of the latest images for a new product shot and magazine advertising.


Brooklands Country Estate

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

I’ve been assisting Brooklands Country Estate for a while now with both a new website and their commercial photography.

I went out to Brooklands again on Sunday to update the photos for 2 of their guest rooms and to capture their new helicopter pad. The Chef Justin also prepared a wonderful chicken salad for me to photograph too.

Do check out their website if you need a 5 Star Luxury Treat away or a beautiful descreet wedding venue.


Our first Hollywood Wedding

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Exciting news from one2one Photography in Canada is that on Friday, Canadian time, we will receive our confirmation of our first Hollywood Wedding.

It has been a long time coming with negotiations in Canada, and we are still not permitted to say who the Hollywood couple are as yet, but they are flying all 4 one2one business owners (first class) to California in August to cover this wedding over 3 days. We will not know the wedding location until the day of the wedding but we will get to meet the couple the day before.

It will be the first time that Pete, Steve, Frank and Gary have all been together at the same time ever, and it will be special to photograph a wedding as one.

one2one was selected not only for our photo journalistic talents but because we are, as per the American agents words “the only photography firm in the World that has 4 full-time wedding photographers that would give the Copyright back to the celebrity couple”.

More later


New one2one Facebook Account

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Julie does all our marketing and she has set-up a one2one Facebook Account.  I have absolutely no idea how we will ever find time to update a Facebook Page, I struggle with this Blog.  So Julie is the Facebook Queen in our house and she does most of our portraits and she will take ownership of our one2one Facebook Account.

Just search one2one Photography on Facebook or click the gigantic Facebook logo below:


Quarry Road Wines Shoot

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Toby from Quarry Road Wines dropped by the office again today with 4 more bottles of wine for us to photograph.  We blog’d the last bottles we captured in January and we had one enquiry from a camera club in California asking how we photographed the wine bottles.  This time I will show how we do it.

I have to say, wine bottles are not the easiest of things to capture due to the reflections and the contrast differences between white and red wines, nor is it easy when you have reflective labels. These 4 were all whites which made matters easier.

The image below the product shot shows you how we achieved it.  We are lucky to have great granite bench tops in our kitchen with a deep black finish.  The white piece of paper under the camera lens reflects light back on to the label when raised slightly.  I tweaked some of the soft box angles from what you see but only the right hand box produced a flash of 60% power from a Bowens 500W unit.

On the technical side, the image was captured using a Canon 1Ds Mark II on a tripod with a fixed 85mm F1.2 lens.  Manual settings of 1/100 s at F9.0, ISO of 50 and a 4500K white balance. There was very little post production work.


Quarry Road Wines Photography

Hayley & Aaron’s wedding at Willow Glen

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

On Saturday I had a great day with Hayley and Aaron photographing their wedding at Willow Glen.

Hayley is probably one of my most organised of Brides, booking us over 19 months ago, that’s forward thinking! Their day was well planned, well organised and I had a great day. I stayed through to the first dance and as such, experienced one of the best Groom speeches I have heard in quite sometime.  I always tell my Grooms, its your job to make your wife cry with your speech, Aaron did a wonderful job and made lots of people cry.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from their wedding day.


Hayley with her Mum and Dad just before she left for Willow Glen

Sometimes you capture an image that has a story behind what you thought you were capturing, nice moment with her Dad just before entering the ceremony

Again, a beautiful moment during the ceremony, Hayley could not hold back her emotions

Sometimes you have to live dangerously to get ‘the shot’. This one was captured on SH1B, we took a very rare chance of no cars, but we soon had to all run off the road!

Never photograph and drive at the same time!

A quick game of Boules before their wedding reception, Aaron won both times!

What a great speech Aaron gave to his new Bride, a true gent

Natalie & Jarrod’s wedding at Mystery Creek

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

On Friday last week, we photographed Natalie and Jarrod’s wedding at Mystery Creek here in Hamilton.

What a great day for light, nice and flat, something we all appreciated. Nearly 80% of our weddings this season have asked us to photograph up to the first dance and beyond.  Natalie and Jarrod had an amazing choreographed first dance that very few of their guests new about, it was quite something.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from their wedding day.


How about this, Natalie did some baking on her wedding morning for the guys, Jarrod’s favourite cookies, delivered by us!

Just how many guys does it take to do a cuff link?

I just love these moments when Dad see’s his daughter for the first time.

Everyone was enjoying the emotion, especially Natalie.

The wonderful Pam Bayes was their celebrant and this was a great moment of laughter during the ceremony.

Down by the jetty at Mystery Creek

Jarrod with Mike and Graham

What sweet wedding cars, beautifully restored and maintained

Well… Nicole and Toni, what a hoot you two were!

Love this impromptu shot

The old key return joke, works every time!

And their first dance – awesome

Maree & Pete’s wedding at Ascension Vineyard Auckland

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

On Sunday I headed North to Auckland to photograph Maree and Pete’s wedding at Ascension Vineyard near Matakana.

I first met Maree and Pete at the Auckland wedding expo last year and we all hit it off straightaway on the show stand.  When I caught up with them a few weeks ago to go through their final wedding plans we had dinner and I felt we were all like friends.  Maree and Pete are two of life’s great people that surrounded themselves at their wedding by the people they love also.

Thanks for being you two, have a great honeymoon in Thailand.


Maree’s hairstylist José flew all the way from Sydney (via Spain) to do her hair.

Pete with one of his brothers Dave. His other brother Steve plays for the NZ Black Sticks and managed to get on a standby flight the morning of Pete’s wedding.

Maree’s niece Amy, captured during the final stages of Maree’s preparations.

Maree did all the make-up and I love this shot of Maree doing her Mum’s make-up.

Pete could not resist kissing his Bride the moment he was able to hold Maree’s hand – just wonderful.

Amy with her Auntie and Uncle, I love this look back, so natural.

One of the easiest couples I have had to photograph, they are so in love and very little direction was needed.

“he loves her”, you can tell from his eyes!

This made our photo of the week on our front page, love it!

And why not, let the father of the Bride have the first dance. Pete is stood to the side waiting to take his Bride.

I also just had to Blog this from Maree’s Mum Margot, received 2 days after their wedding.

Hi Steve, I have just dropped Mr and Mrs Edwards at the airport bound for Thailand. Thank you so much for being their photographer, I had many of the guests remark on how you let them take photos as some photographers take over the wedding and are quite snappy about guests taking photographs.  On the other hand I can see how it must make your job harder but the guests appreciated being able to take photos as well.  I feel you have gone over and above your job as their photographer.  I believe my sister and her hubby asked for photos as well, my elderly Mum will so love them, thank you.

They were chuffed when searching your site on Monday they found the photo booth pictures.  They even came in this morning to see if their photos were up but I see you have heaps to load yet although this arvo their names now appears, you must be so busy. Here is one of my pics for you at the airport.

Warm regards

Margot Horton