Baby Portrait Hamilton – Baby Lucy

Here we go Blog watchers, baby Lucy 5 days old. ┬áProud parents Sheta and Matt popped over with their son Lincoln to have a few quick family snaps with the family’s new arrival. ┬áBaby Lucy was incredibly alert for her age, head up and looking straight down the lens.

Congratulations guys.


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  1. Tylor and Sarah says:

    Beautiful baby. Beautiful family !! You’re right; that is a huge forehead you have there, Matt !! Better to store all that brain power with! How is it that you can turn a lovely baby and family photo shoot into all about you??!! Just kidding, of course; Thanks for sharing (finely!) Congrats!!
    Please give Lincoln a special hug from us, and of course to Lucy a big baby kiss on her beautiful and normal sized forehead !!
    Love you all,
    Tylor and Sarah

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