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A few weeks ago one2one Photography was asked to tender for a commercial photography job to photograph a few key women in our locality.  We duly tendered for the job and won the contract for an initiative backed by John Key New Zealands Prime Minister.  On Friday last week we were asked to photograph 30 key women all around NZ on Boards, 21 of which are on the North Island.  Our schedules won’t allow for the South Island women, sorry but we have 3 weeks to complete the North Island.

We won the job because they said we had the most experience photographing women, no Copyright issues, speed of email replies and the overall professionalism of one2one Photography.  To think this job was given to one2one out of all the photographers in NZ is quite something to have achieved since landing here in NZ 5 years ago.

I will keep you all updated with our images on our travels.


Prime Minister’s statement

Our success as a country relies on every single New Zealander making the most of themselves and contributing to the best of their abilities.

We like to think that’s something we all have the opportunity to do.

But when you look at the small number of women in the boardrooms of New Zealand’s top businesses – only about one in every 12 company directors is a woman – you have to wonder whether Kiwi businesswomen are getting the opportunity to succeed that they deserve. And you have to wonder whether our companies are making the best use of the talent on offer.

Especially when you consider the evidence in this publication, which suggests that companies are more profitable when they have more women on their boards.

That’s an important idea that could lift the performance of many of our businesses.

This publication grew out of conversations between Business New Zealand, the Institute of Directors in New Zealand, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, and the Minister of Women’s Affairs, Hon Pansy Wong. It’s a good example of how business and government can work together to come up with solutions that benefit us all.

I’d like to thank Business New Zealand and the Institute of Directors for taking the initiative and publicising the business case for more women company directors. It’s a message I hope every Kiwi business will take on board.

Hon John Key Prime Minister

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