Whakatane Wedding Photos – Kate & Craig

What an awesome couple Kate & Craig are. They so wanted their wedding outside at Kohi Point overlooking Whakatane so that’s what they did, rain or shine.┬áSome very unique wedding images with their prize Vespa’s, two of 15 apparently.

Enjoy these favs of mine and have safe journey home to Perth.
















































































17 Responses to “Whakatane Wedding Photos – Kate & Craig”

  1. Ann says:

    Wow! An amazing set of photographs, Steve. Absolutely fabulous!

  2. Linda Holmes says:

    Beautiful. The rain makes it look even more amazing!

  3. Jo says:

    Simply Stunning photographs, Steve … You’ve captured the joy of the occasion perfectly!

  4. erica petersen says:

    they are exquisite! made me feel as if i were there. what a beautiful couple and what a happy wedding! the rain definitely added a very special something….loved the vespas and the umbrellas.

  5. Katys Cakes says:

    Wow, stunning photo’s ! they tell such a beautiful story.

  6. Jan & Craig says:

    Just lovely! The bride gorgeous; the groom very handsome and despite the rain, it looks like such a happy day. Congratulations. All that waiting worth it.

  7. Paul & Chrissie says:

    Beautiful people – beautiful day. That’s just as it should be. Congratulations

  8. Elsabe says:

    Amazing and stunning. Every little detail, thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Elsabe says:

    Amazing and stunning. Every little detail, thanks for sharing it with us. Congratulations to both families!

  10. Julie says:

    Wow, so special. What a magical day, love and happiness enhanced by raindrops. Just superb. Congratulations.

  11. Gill Molony says:

    What a beautiful couple and what a happy day. The Molonys wish you all the happiness in the world.

  12. Gill Evans James,Stu, and Candace says:

    Delightful raindrops of love and happiness..Congatulations and best wishes for a wonderful life together.

  13. Jared Phipps says:

    Beautiful pics and an awesome wedding.. Nicely done Mr and Mrs Petersen!

  14. Tracey and Sue says:

    What lovely photographs – what a wonderful day – everyone looks so happy, and the bridal couple radiant! A beautiful start to a whole new chapter! We wish you a life of happiness together.

  15. Marion and Mick says:

    What stunning pics! The day looked magical and we wish Craig and Kate a long and very happy life together!

  16. Ann Petersen says:

    The discs of photos arrived safely on Tuesday. Thank you!
    We are very grateful for your outstanding service – not many photographers would have all the photos ready within 2 days of the wedding.
    Kate and Craig were thrilled to be able to view them so soon and to be able to take a copy on honeymoon.
    There are so many positive comments on our FB pages related to your FB album – a great testament to the quality of your pictures.

  17. Clear, natural looking photos of a beautiful bride and handsome groom. The photos show the joy of the day. Plain to see that the rain did not dim the happiness one little bit!

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