Commercial Photography: Aerial & Drone Photography

If there is ever a time you do not want a photographer to stuff it up, it's with Aerial Photography. A mistake of not getting the shot will be a very expensive mistake when choppers cost anywhere upwards of $1000 an hour. We are experienced in this type of work and having a photographer with professional experience from 1995 helps to get it right quickly and cost effectively.

We also have a DJI Inspire 1 Drone for any types of photography that needs a different picture. Shooting in a camera RAW file and also 4K video, all locked in by GPS, call us for more information on our drone photography.

Give us a call on 0800 746 121 if you have any questions about our aerial and drone photography.

Aerial photograph of Mount Ruapehu for National Geographic Magazine.

A great aerial shot of Auckland with post production editing for Lion Nathan and CBRE.

For PWC and the Building's Management Company Auckland.

A great aerial photograph for Future Developments and their Redbrook Estate, Gordonton.

One of the several helicopters I have had the privilege to ride in.