Lifestyle Portrait Photographers

"Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be. Duane Michals

Have you ever stopped to think, just what do your pictures say about you?

At one2one Photography we have four multi award winning portrait photographers that specialise in Lifestyle Photography and Portrait Journalism.

We like to photograph people, from new born babies, pregnancy shots, through to 'the olds', individuals through to family groups and even your family pets. Portrait Journalism allows us to capture what we see without too much interference or guidance from the photographer, sometimes capturing an image without you even knowing.

One thing we will guarantee is absolutely no more formal images of 'look here and smile', more capturing the moment of now.

No portrait competitions or free sittings

We must stress, we don't do competitions at supermarket entrances or trade shows to entice people to enter and win a portrait sitting, because you all win you know! I once completed 3 competition forms at my local New World on 3 different dates and I got 3 calls saying I had won a free portrait sitting. We didn't go of course as we knew how it works. You turn up and get some nice images captured (that's a gimmee if they are professionals) but when you return to see your wonderful images, you get caught with buying the photos one by one, and not for small fees either.

So how does one2one do their portrait shoots?

Well... its not rocket science, we choose to charge you for our time to capture your photos and edit your images. We will release to you every image that we capture in full-resolution on a disc, the Copyright is yours. We will NOT even ask you to print the images through one2one for horrendously inflated prices, we send you to Imageland in Hamilton where we get all our own professional printing done. Imageland will recognise our work and you will get our rates for all your printing needs.

Once the portrait shoot is complete and we have supplied you with all your original images, often by email, we ask you to send us a list of your favourite images so we can edit them for you. Editing is basically taking the standard 'as shot' image and creating effects like black and white, or adding space to images to create a 'letter box' style of image size. There are plenty of examples on the Photo Gallery, all have been edited. We aim to complete the edit within 2 weeks, and then you are ready to print your portrait art.

Portrait Art

Photography has come along way in recent years and we often produce images more worthy of being called art than a photo, and that is what we love to do. All of the post production editing is designed and completed with what you want, from a simple print of your images, a large canvas, framed pieces or even a bespoke book, its your call. We work closely with professional framers and finishers in Hamilton and Auckland and we will recommend only those Companies we trust to produce your portrait art. Please get in touch if you need any help or you have any questions