Rarotonga Wedding Photographer

"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I am going to take tomorrow. Imogen Cunningham

We shoot weddings in Rarotonga every season, sometimes as many as 2-3 weddings in a year, time and existing wedding schedules allowing.

All Island weddings are shot by the owner of one2one, Steve May. Steve is very well traveled and thoroughly resourceful, he can be absolutely relied upon to get to your destination. Steve's passports are always kept current and as a NZ Citizen can work legally in Rarotonga.

The way we work our pricing is simple. Our online prices are for our wedding photography services anywhere in the World, you just have to get us to your destination. We ask that accommodation and transfers is taken care of but Steve will feed and water himself whilst he is there. We prefer that you pay for the flight, that way you are in control of costs and can benefit from any block booking prices.

This year we headed to the Pacific Resort Rarotonga on Muri Beach.

What makes one2one Photography different?

Photos from recent Rarotonga weddings

Rarotonga wedding photos

Anthea and Matt enjoy a moment at the Pacific Resort Rarotonga, beautiful skies.

Rarotonga wedding photos

The girls pose for a quick bridal party snap on the Muri Beach.

Rarotonga wedding photos

A wonderful addition to any wedding reception, Rarotonga fire dancers.

Rarotonga wedding photos

Love this candid shot of Anthea and Matt in Rarotonga.

Rarotonga wedding photos

Who wouldn't want to get married here?