School Ball Photographers

"Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment; photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure. Tony Benn

School Ball Photography is undergoing a bit of a transformation, and jeez, has it been long over due!

If you are a newly appointed School Ball Committee then you might like to take some time to read everything on this page, you will be glad you did.

In the old days, photographers would come to the ball for an hour or so, capture a few very formal photos and then leave. Because they were not paid to be there, they have to sell their ball images one by one. No sales means no pay for the photographer and because sales were often poor, mainly due to the fact the images were bad and no one wanted them, the photographer would charge massive money for one printed image.

So how are we different?

At one2one Photography we have been photographing school balls since 2005 and the old way of photographing at balls was fundamentally flawed as no one wants to work for nothing, would you? How was it the band were getting paid, the DJ getting paid, even the staff serving the food and drinks, Yeap, they were getting paid too. So why was it the photographer, the only person at the ball capturing the memories, was working for free? That cannot be right.

What we do is ask for a flat fee of $850 including GST for each photographer and we will work our butts off all night. Once its all over, we edit all your images to a high professional standard and give you all the hi-resolution images on a DVD so you can fund raise and do the prints yourself. Nearly all the Ball Committees we have photographed for get all their photography costs back, and we are here to help show you how to do that.

We get invited back every year by Schools we have photographed before because our images are wanted by the school ball attendees and our post production editing is perfect. Furthermore, all our photographers do this for their full-time living and are multi-award winning, some internationally recognised, and that guarantees you get awesome images.

We offer pre-ball meetings to ensure we are also well organised and fit into what you want. That's another thing, don't be fooled, we are being paid to work for YOU, so we do it how YOU want. Every Ball is different, and as such our images are also very different.

Photographic Style

Our aim is to capture who you are and not to 'pose the photo up' and move you on, those days have long gone for us! But its true, good photographers have a style, a way of photographing so it's 'their style'. We offer two types of photography for a ball. one2one is internationally recognised as photojournalists, being able to follow the action and 'capturing the moment', often with a lighthearted edge and without interfering. We absolutely love to photograph this way and it is well known, we all take a better photo if we do not know we are being photographed. The other way we offer to photograph is in groups and shoot against a background to reflect the theme you may have for the evening. We use professional robust camera's and professional lighting to ensure the images are professional and of a very high quality, after all that is what you are paying us for.

How Many Photographers?

We have covered Balls of up to 650 attendees. We have 12 photographers Worldwide, 3 of which are based here in NZ. As a general rule, Ball attendee's up to 200 will require 1 photographer, after that we suggest 2 or possibly 3 for the larger events. By employing 2 photographers, that will enable you to achieve both a good set of quality group images and also lots of journalistic images. We can often capture as many as 1500+ images in a night, we just don't stop taking pictures!

Making Money or Fund Raising

We understand some ball committee's look to raise funds for their school or even a local charity. The photography is often a good source of revenue after the ball is over because apart from the wonderful memories, the photos are the only thing left to remember the ball. Therefore, it would mean that you must have something to sell and something people want to buy, only then you can make money. Many, if not all of our school ball committee's make good revenue's from what we do, and this can be done in several ways, all of which we are happy to discuss with you.

One other thing we do guarantee is to have all of your images ready within 48 hours, often within 24 hours and properly edited ready for print. Also, every single image we capture is provided to the committee. These are the full-size digital negative files and also a set of downsized thumbnail images, all copied to discs.